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Casting - The Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted on January 17, 2012 at 1:10 PM

---Contact Information---

Name: Rose Warner

Title: Producer/Director

Project Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice

(Based on a true story)

Email: [email protected]

---Casting Details---

Casting Dates: Email submission (thru 1/27/12)

Casting Location: TBA

Shoot Dates: 2/16-2/20 (tentative)

Shoot Location: Palm Beach and other South Florida locations

Type of Compensation: PAID-SAG Low Budget, Copy of Reel (upon release), and Imdb credit.


Nicky and Walker understood what the ultimate sacrifice meant, but did not know that it would ultimately come between them, forever.

This is initially going to be shot as a SAG Low Budget Short, while awaiting it to be picked up as a full feature. Actors will be given first right of refusal. Short will be submitted to major film festivals for exposure.

Character Breakdowns:

(Local Hires Only)

Walker-Late twenties or early thirties, but no receding hair lines. MUST be a SAG actor and be 6 feet tall minimum!!! Caucasian or Hispanic, very handsome, but tough looking. Must have a Marine type look and build. Walker is a career Marine who suffers from PTSD. He is married to Nicky and a father to their children, but struggles with his condition.


Nicky-Late twenties or early thirties, very attractive, slim built, and long hair. Caucasian or Hispanic. Nicky was in the military as well, so she is not intimidated by anyone, including Walker! Must be able to handle several fight scenes. Nicky is married to Walker and tolerates his episodes with his PTSD within reason.


Nicky's Mom-Mid forties to mid fifties. Caucasian or Hispanic. She is full of piss and vinegar and is the backbone to her daughter, Nicky! Looking for a character type person, not a model.


Chrissy- Late twenties or early thirties. Any race. Pretty, but not model type, more of a girl next door look, but a little adventurous. Likes to have fun, but plays by the rules. She is Nicky’s best friend.


Marines-MUST have the Marine look. Tall, built, short hair.Any race.


Also looking for crew as well;  DP, sound, lighting, makeup, editing, and several others.

PLEASE send resume to [email protected] and list role or postion in the subject line. Talent also send headshot and a link to your reel or projects you were in so that I can see your ability. I will call you if I want you to read. Thanks!!!

To dreams and wishes,

Rose Warner



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