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305 Film Competition Rally

Posted on January 2, 2016 at 8:25 AM

We are launching the 305 Film Competition hoedown throwdown...SO GET READY!!!

Place: MAPS 305 Studio, 4555 NE 6th Ave, Oakland Park, Florida 33334

Date: January 10th, 2016

Time: 16:00–19:00


Filmmakers get ready for an exciting film competition that will challenge you and actors! This will be an opportunity for you to connect with like minds and possibly be a part of one of these films!!!


You will have 305 hours to create your 5 minute film from PRE to POST. You will be given a theme, an action, and a prop and the top 10 will be shown at Film Carpet in February...are you up for it?!?!


We are not charging a fee this year to enter, so be mindful that everyone is a volunteer on this!!! Since this is a gathering, which means bring a dish and drink!


You MUST be present at the gathering and all films MUST be turned in according to specs in rules by 4:00pm January 23rd, 2016!!!


You must be in good standing in the TV & Film Industry to be a part of this!


Those interested in judging, please feel free to contact Alexandra or myself!!!

Highway to Hell Screening

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 5:25 PM


Come to the screening of the movie, Highway to Hell, and enjoy this Florida Professionally Produced film!


Admission is Free, but Tickets will be required to enter, so you MUST register:

To Register:

What would you do...

 if you fell asleep at the wheel and woke up at the pearly gates and had to convince the heavenly guard that you deserved to get in?

 This is the challenge facing Joe the trucker when this is exactly what happens to him. Lucky for him St. Peter has misplaced his guest list and appears to be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's.

 Come and witness what happens next...

 It would be sad if it weren't so funny!

Admission is free, but you must register and get a ticket!!!


Joe - Jay Leopardi

Angela/Angie - Kahra Keyes

Peter - Mac McConnell

Richard Johnston - Richard Sosa

Liz - Sharon Pfeiffer

Trucker - Butch Konover

Security Guard -

Tom Hinton

Talk Host - George Monteiro

Middle Eastern Man - Amedeo Falgiatore

Bus Boy - Scott Getz

Little Girl - Haley Magalnik


Jesus - Frank McKinney


Watch our trailer:


To Register:


Donations are greatly appreciated to continue our efforts to market the film.


Come and have your photo taken on the Highway to...Hell or Heaven...:)


Victory Life Church

155 Northwest 112th Avenue (Old Hiatus)

Plantation, FL 33325

Directions: Exit off 595 onto Hiatus and go north. At the first traffic light, turn left. Then once over the bridge, take an immediate right. The Church is on the left.

Highway to Hell, the movie

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Announcing a new film which will be shooting in August and September, Highway to Hell.

Follow us through the production of "Highway to Hell" a film that will have you laughing all the way to heaven's gate.

Listed is the Cast & Crew currently, more will be added as shooting commences, stay tuned:

Producers: Rose Warner & George Monteiro

Director: George Monteiro

DP: Wes Malkin

Associate Producer: Debra Hurd

Casting: Rose Warner

Sound: Rick Santese

Make-up: Margie Scacci




Joe - Bobby Hunt

Angela/Angie - Kahra Keyes

Peter - Alan Heyman

Richard Johnston - Richard Sosa

Liz - Sharon Pfeiffer

Trucker - Butch Konover

Security Guard - Jay Arzillo

Talk Host - George Monteiro

Middle Eastern Man - Amedeo Falgiatore

Bus Boy - Scott Getz


Jesus - Frank McKinney

Radica, the movie

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM

I am excited to announce that I am attached to the film Radica. We currently are in the pre-production phase and will be casting shortly!!! ALL being shot in South Florida!!!

Radica ~ Vision of a Soul Survivor

Nothing on Earth Could Prevail Against Radica!

In this powerful story, Radica traces her journey through heartbreaking deprivation and abuse and shows us how God can use even the most miserable conditions to create a vital ministry of hope and assurance.

Stay tune for updates on the Radica website:

Also join us on facebook:

NBC Universal Short Cuts Film Festival

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 11:40 AM

NBC Universal

8th Annual

Short Cuts Film Festival

Welcoming the following genres:


Submission and Rules

-The writer, director, producer or cast of the short or video must be either ethnically/culturally diverse, or of a diverse background (including LGBT community and people with disabilities). Or, the short must have a diverse theme.

-Submitted short films must be in one of the following genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi.

-Submitted short films must be labeled with category of genre i.e. Comedy, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi.

-Shorts must be no longer than 20 minutes in length. We are mostly looking for films from 5 to 7 minutes-hence "Short Cuts" 2 minutes is the shortest. No revisions or updated versions will be accepted beyond the initial submission.

-Showcase screenings will only be shown in DVD and/or Digibeta Formats

-Films in competition may not have had a commercial distribution or broadcast in the United States. The committee reserves the right to waive this rule in the case of small non-commercial, non-publicized showings.

-IMPORTANT: Submitting parties must hold complete rights and ownership of submitted piece

-There is NO FEE for submitting a film to this festival.

-All entries must be received by June 3, 2013.

Entering Procedure:


-No Beta or U-Matic 3/4" submissions.

-Film genre, title and contact information of entrant as well as WithoutABox Tracking Number must be on all video materials and containers.

-Applicant may submit multiple entries: however, those must be accompanied by a separate entry form.

-Collaborative works are accepted and are treated as (1) submission, regardless of how many authors are responsible for creating the work. Should the film be selected as a finalist, only one (1) representative of the film will be eligible to claim the trip to Los Angeles.

-A semi-finalist screening will take place in New York in September. Television/Film makers will be responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements if they would like to attend this event.

-Submission and publicity materials will not be returned. Press Packets should only be sent upon request and will not be considered in primary selection.

-NBCUniversal is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in transit.

-All applicants will be notified of the showcases decision o/a July 22, 2013.

-Short Cuts based upon its own opinions and voting procedures, reserves the right to cancel the showcase production process if there is no entry that qualifies with sufficient merit.

-Short Cuts shall not be held liable for damages and/or loss resulting from shipping/handling and/or technical problems.

-Withoutabox profiles will be noted with a confirmation of receipt within one week of arrival.

-Films submitted without a Withoutabox profile will automatically be disqualified and will not be returned. You must complete this profile BEFORE mailing in your film.

-In the event your project is selected as a finalist for the Los Angeles showcase, you may be required to provide additional items, such as personal photos (digital and/or hard copy) to be used for program booklet listings, and short bios, along with revised synopses.

(Please note: Only original works are accepted. Submissions may not be based, in whole or in part, on material, fictional or nonfiction, produced or un-produced, published or unpublished, unless such material was originally created and published/produced by the applicant, in another medium.

Submit Entry Via NBCUniversal Short Cuts Festival prefers online entries submitted via, which provides cost-saving, paperless submission to film festivals around the world. Withoutabox's internet-only submission platform features online applications via one master entry form. Fill out one master entry form and take advantage of quick entry and powerful submission management tools.

Click to submit your short film today!

Withoutabox logos are trademarks of Withoutabox, a DBA of Inc. or its affiliates.

Florida Production News

Posted on February 27, 2013 at 3:10 AM

Wow, did not realize that I have not kept this let's see;

In late spring, I aided in the production of The Ultimate Sacrifice, which was truly inspiring. Was blessed to have cast LA actor, Max Aria, as the lead!!! Here is the site if you would like to take a look at it:

Then hosted the Official Release Party for Rock of Ages at Passions Hard Rock Cafe were many of the actors came and we had a blast!!! Warner Bros was gracias by providing T-shirts and other merchandise.

Infidel was my next project that was probably the most impacting film I have ever worked on!!! The Cast and Crew were amazing!!! And currently it is hitting the film festival circuit!!! See the video:

So what next? Well I have been asked to join Bill Grefe's, godfather of grindhouse, team in his next film, which I am honored. Waiting on funding for Johanna and the Whale, which I see happening soon. And I am writing....:)

One is a drama and the other is a TV comedy.

Working on a few other issues and once they are taken care of, I will be flying!!!

So stay tuned!!!

To dreams and wishes,

Rose Warner

Geeks! The Musical

Posted on March 17, 2012 at 6:00 PM

If you haven't seen the play, "Geeks! The Musical", it is a must!!!

I was extremely impressed and in awe with the entire ensemble!!! Initially, I only went to see my friend, Damaris Justamante perform, cuz she is one of my favorites, but this was AMAZING!!!

I did find three more actors to add to my must see list; Tyler Koster, Wil Bowers, & Juliette Angeli!!! The entire cast was the bomb!!!

Also the Producer, Anne T. Mesa, is now my mentor!!

Check it out,, this SHOULD go on tour!!! It will give Broadway a run for its money...;)

Here is the FB Fan page to like,

The Entertainment Industry Survival Kit

Posted on January 19, 2012 at 10:25 AM

The Entertainment Industry Survival Kit

 by Christine Kent , The Career Couch

Hi Everyone,

It occurred to me today that many times when I am engaging someone in a career counseling session, the subject of surviving in this industry inevitably comes up. Let’s think about that for a second...the word “Surviving” is used to a lot in the entertainment industry to talk about keeping yourself afloat and keeping momentum in your career. Why that word? To use the word “surviving” or derivatives like “survival” sounds so negative. It makes it sound like we aren’t enjoying or loving this business, but merely hanging on by the skin of our teeth! Why do we use such a derogatory approach when talking about an industry that we all know and love?

Well, to be honest, we (meaning all of us in this business) have sort of done it to ourselves. This is an industry that is artistic and creative by nature. Many egos come together to create even the smallest of projects and usually lots of money and accolades are at stake. At the very least, this is a recipe for disaster. But wait! I’m talking about an industry that many of us devote our careers to, and even more aspire to work in every day! How can a business that is prone to dysfunction be so beloved? For those of us who do love it, it’s not a hard question to answer. Many of us, myself included, could never imagine doing anything else. Working in the entertainment industry is something that gets into your bones, and becomes a part of who you are. It is, after all, what we do. In essence it very much becomes who we are.

Alrightie, so how do we survive in this industry? How do we keep ourselves afloat professionally and also keep our souls and our sanity intact? If you are planning a career in entertainment, or if you have been in the industry for a while, here is a list of things you will need to pack into your Entertainment Industry Survival Kit:

Talent - One thing that is needed in this industry is talent. I’m not necessarily talking about creative talent here, but talent of some sort. Some industry professionals have creative talent, while others have administrative or organizational talent. Some people are just gregarious and do very well in this industry based on personality. Whatever your talent is, know it, cultivate it, and bring it to the table. Talent of some sort is key to survival in an industry that celebrates talent in many different areas. So, let your talent shine!

Charm - Yep, I know what this sounds like, but it’s true. The entertainment industry thrives on networking and nepotism. So, be the person people like to work with. Whether on the job or looking for a job, be someone people want to know. It doesn’t really take much effort. Smile, be nice, and engage people on a personal level. This is a very small and incestuous industry. You will see all of the same people over and over again. Your chance of survival increases, the more you are liked and respected in this industry. So, charm their socks off and you will survive each day.

Be There - It’s just that simple. Always be present in your career. Know what’s going on with your project and on other projects in production. Keep up with your network of current and former colleagues. Reach out to see how they are doing and be there for them if they need help. This is how you form lasting relationships and it can keep you afloat and surviving in this business for a very long time.

Courage - I know this sounds strange, but this industry is not for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle criticism or rejection, then take your career elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take risks. If you do take risks, be prepared that not everyone will respond favorably. Taking risks is necessary in this industry. It separates the men from the boys, and can help take your career to new heights. Muster up the courage to put yourself out there, and you will survive!

Humility - There is very much a hierarchy in the entertainment industry, and in order to climb your way up the ladder it’s essential to know when to keep your head down, do as you’re told, and work your butt off! We all have to do it sometimes, no matter what our current place in the mix. This is very much an industry where respect isn’t given until it’s earned. You have to pay your dues to survive in the entertainment industry.

Self-Worth - This one can be a bit difficult sometimes, but don’t be afraid to have confidence and know your worth. Now, I’m not talking about self-importance, because no one needs that and being overly self-important won’t help your cause. I’m referring to being grounded and confident in who you are and in your own abilities. Entertainment is sort of like a military organization in that it will sometimes break you down and build you back up to its liking. It’s important to know who you are and where you want to go. Having a healthy self worth is essential to survival in this industry!

Persistence - Don’t give up. No matter what, stick to your guns. This is a difficult industry to break in to and a difficult place to maintain a career. Knowing this at the on-set can help you to be prepare for the fight ahead. So you might get a few rejections or maybe you don’t get that perfect job that you wanted. That’s OK. Be persistent and you will survive to fight another day...and win!

Humor - Above all, be sure to have and keep a sense of humor. This is not brain surgery, its entertainment. Always be sure to keep things in perspective and laugh. Sometimes things can get a bit testy when egos are running rampant and there’s a big chunk of financing at stake. It’s very easy to forget what this is really all about and take it all too seriously. It helps sometimes to step back and have a good chuckle. Keeping your sense of humor in this industry can help you to keep your sanity and aid in your survival in this industry!

Survival in the entertainment industry is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. To make it a bit easier to maneuver, remember to pack your Entertainment Industry Survival Kit with the tools you need to have and maintain a successful career in this crazy industry we all love.


Casting - The Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted on January 17, 2012 at 1:10 PM

---Contact Information---

Name: Rose Warner

Title: Producer/Director

Project Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice

(Based on a true story)

Email: [email protected]

---Casting Details---

Casting Dates: Email submission (thru 1/27/12)

Casting Location: TBA

Shoot Dates: 2/16-2/20 (tentative)

Shoot Location: Palm Beach and other South Florida locations

Type of Compensation: PAID-SAG Low Budget, Copy of Reel (upon release), and Imdb credit.


Nicky and Walker understood what the ultimate sacrifice meant, but did not know that it would ultimately come between them, forever.

This is initially going to be shot as a SAG Low Budget Short, while awaiting it to be picked up as a full feature. Actors will be given first right of refusal. Short will be submitted to major film festivals for exposure.

Character Breakdowns:

(Local Hires Only)

Walker-Late twenties or early thirties, but no receding hair lines. MUST be a SAG actor and be 6 feet tall minimum!!! Caucasian or Hispanic, very handsome, but tough looking. Must have a Marine type look and build. Walker is a career Marine who suffers from PTSD. He is married to Nicky and a father to their children, but struggles with his condition.


Nicky-Late twenties or early thirties, very attractive, slim built, and long hair. Caucasian or Hispanic. Nicky was in the military as well, so she is not intimidated by anyone, including Walker! Must be able to handle several fight scenes. Nicky is married to Walker and tolerates his episodes with his PTSD within reason.


Nicky's Mom-Mid forties to mid fifties. Caucasian or Hispanic. She is full of piss and vinegar and is the backbone to her daughter, Nicky! Looking for a character type person, not a model.


Chrissy- Late twenties or early thirties. Any race. Pretty, but not model type, more of a girl next door look, but a little adventurous. Likes to have fun, but plays by the rules. She is Nicky’s best friend.


Marines-MUST have the Marine look. Tall, built, short hair.Any race.


Also looking for crew as well;  DP, sound, lighting, makeup, editing, and several others.

PLEASE send resume to [email protected] and list role or postion in the subject line. Talent also send headshot and a link to your reel or projects you were in so that I can see your ability. I will call you if I want you to read. Thanks!!!

To dreams and wishes,

Rose Warner



F.M.P.T.A. Dreams N Wishes Holiday Party

Posted on December 8, 2011 at 11:05 AM

We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday in person so please join us for our Dreams ~n~ Wishes Holiday Party at the Flashback Diner in Davie on Sunday December 18 at 6:00.

We will be taking over the patio to celebrate an amazing year gone by and to look forward an even more amazing year in 2012. So please join us for an evening of fun and holiday merriment!!!!

As part of giving to our community, we will also be helping children in need through 4Kids of South Florida

On any given day in South Florida, three to four thousand South Florida children end up in foster care. When children are removed from their homes, often it is with nothing more than the clothes on their back and a garbage bag filled with whatever they were able to quickly pack. They are unsettled, insecure, disconnected and scared.

To help bring joy to some children and put a smile on their faces this holiday season we are asking that everyone bring a $15 gift card from Walmart, Target, or Kmart (the preferred stores). If you can give more that is great, but if your circumstances make it difficult for you, we understand, and assure that the gift card is NOT a requirement to attend. What is required, however, is that you RSVP and pay in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you!!! Till then...

To Dreams N Wishes at holiday time and all year through!!