Rose Warner

Marketing & Production Services


Award winning Producer Rose Warner offers her expertise in marketing and production services.

About Rose

Producer of a multitude of projects which recently included  "Robin's Glove", "Highway to Hell", and "Infidel", Rose exudes confidence, intelligence and an unbridled sense of optimism; attributes that serve to reflect her outlook on life and underscore her value to any industry.

During the course of her career she has worked with an impressive array of prestigious Fortune 500 Companies and major motion picture studios including Warner Bros, Sony, Columbia, Buena Vista, Paramount, Universal, Fox, and MGM.

Rose holds a Degree in Communications/Multimedia Studies and was certified in Film & Video as a Producer and Director. In addition, she is a Sociologist and has studied Business, Marketing and Accounting, which lends to her amazing Prospectus and Marketing Plans to aid in making any project welcomed among Stakeholders!!!